5 Reasons to Choose a Vacation Rental Over a Hotel

5 Reasons to Choose a Vacation Rental Over a Hotel

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If you travel, you must probably heard about some of the companies like Vrbo, VacationHomeLettings and Ownerdirect, in which homeowners can rent their spaces to travelers who are looking for an alternative to a standard hotel.

There are so many reasons to choose a vacation rental over a hotel when visiting a new destination. Here are a few.

1. Feels Like home

A vacation rental is different from a hotel because it’s typically a regular house, apartment or villa. So, when staying in a vacation rental, you’ll get to live like a local and have access to things that you wouldn’t normally have in a hotel, such as cooking facilities. Plus, vacation rentals are decorated according to the individual taste of the owner, so the atmosphere is often cozy, comfortable and homier than an impersonal hotel room.

Feels Like home
Feels Like home

2. Rental properties offer more space

Travelers can enjoy more space in less money when choosing a vacation rental. Even 3-star or 5-star resort accommodations with living room suites are bound to be smaller than a vacation home. This extra elbow room comes in handy when you’re in a large group and need some privacy, or a quiet place for the kids.

 Rental properties offer more space
Rental properties offer more space

3. Local insight

Many vacation rental hosts are happy to share tips with their guests about local area attractions. If you’re able to chat with your hosts, you’ll get an insider’s perspective about your destination. Some hosts even offer excursions, tours or “experiences” as part of the accommodation package or for an extra fee. Some of the host providing some extra facilities with their accommodation like bike rentals and bicycle rentals etc.

Local insight
Local insight

4. Vacation rentals is the better option for families and large groups

If you’re traveling with family or even a big group of friends, you could stay in a hotel and worry about disturbing people in the next room, or you could have an entire house to spread out in. Many vacation rentals come with games and sporting equipment, and some come with yards for outdoor activities, so you can have plenty of fun and not be cooped up in a hotel room.

Vacation rentals is the better option for families and large groups
Vacation rentals is the better option for families and large groups

5. Less Expensive than hotel

You might find a vacation rental to be less costly than a hotel. Plus, if you’re staying more than one night, you may get some discount for your vacation rentals.

For feels like home , local insights, better option for families and large groups, a vacation rental can be a great alternative to a hotel. However, a rental might not be the right choice for you if you enjoy all the services that a hotel can provide or if you don’t need an entire house or apartment.

Less Expensive than hotel
Less Expensive than hotel

One final item to consider: Many vacation rentals charge a one-time cleaning fee per stay, so be sure to read the fine print to learn about this, and any other extra costs, before entering into any vacation rental agreement.

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